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Frequently asked questions - Phone systems

How do I log into the cloud phone app? Here’s a link to the guide for logging to the BT Cloud Work Mobile App, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice portal, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice Express app and here’s how to access the BT One Pho...

BethM by Administrator
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Hosted Voice and Broadband Voice migration

Hi All,   If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions relating to your Broadband Voice or Hosted Voice Product or your move to another BT service as a result of the closure of these products, please contact the following  numbers where...

markp by Grand Guru
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New Phone System Question

We have upgraded our internet to Fibre & with that we have upgraded to VoIP.We need to have 4 or 5 cordless phones for use around the building & the ones we currently have are DECT (4 off Panasonic KX-TGCA41E).We currently have just the new VoIP desk...

MP-Fab by Member
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BT business smart hub 2 .help

I have just been switch to bt broadband for a business phone line. Business smart hub 2. With a Cisco desktop phone .All working fine  Purchased a by advanced digital home phone with Alexa.  To connect to the business smart hub2 .   Phone registers f...

New phone

Just got the new voice express phone, set up and haven't got a clue!How do we connect with our other phone, our old one?Can you record your own message?

Pam274 by Member
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Getting contacts on to phone

I have a new yealink w73p handset with the voip system.I need to transfer my contacts on to it .When I select Phonebook on the phone menu it beeps and says “connection error”has anyone found a way of transferring a lot of contacts to the handset. bt ...

loveday by Member
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BT Cloud Phone - Outbound ports to enable on Firewall

Hello,I tried enabling following ports on our firewall as per this KB (   BT Cloud Phone Meetings signalingSIP/TCPN/A8801, 8802BT Cloud Phone Meeti...

Shefi by Member
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Cloud Voice handset: only rings once despite settings

Hello.  Apologies if this has been answered in another thread (I have read through the FAQs and searched key terms) Currently, my Cloud Voice handset will, at best, ring only once before sending the caller to voicemail.  Previously, the handset (and ...

KevR by Member
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BT Cloud Voice Installation

We have just switched from a BT analog business line to digital Voice Cloud Express and I thought you might like to know our experiences. I set up the hardware before the switch because I was due to be out of office for a week. Following the switch w...

iantha by Member
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BT Quantum - Instalation manual.

Hi there,The administrator manual of the BT Quantum - somewhere around the start it says to refer to the 'BT Quantum Instilation Guide, for for instructions on installing and commissioning the BT Quantum system'. I have scoured the internet for this ...