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Frequently asked questions - Phone systems

How do I log into the cloud phone app? Here’s a link to the guide for logging to the BT Cloud Work Mobile App, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice portal, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice Express app and here’s how to access the BT One Pho...

BethM by Administrator
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Hosted Voice and Broadband Voice migration

Hi All,   If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions relating to your Broadband Voice or Hosted Voice Product or your move to another BT service as a result of the closure of these products, please contact the following  numbers where...

markp by Grand Guru
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BT Cloud Phone and MS Outlook

I have very recently installed the Cloud Phone App on my MS Surface. In Settings, in the Contacts Page, I have selected the Outlook plug-in and clicked to View Outlook contacts and selected my Outlook profile. The plug-in then becomes embedded in Out...

TrevorF by Member
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Setting up caller ID on Panasonic Cordless Phone

I have received a new Panasonic cordless phone for my new office - model KX-TG8182 I am looking to add caller ID to this but when I do this via the phone's menu, it says: You must first subscribe to Caller ID. Do I have to contact BT to get this up a...

Porting number to existing SIP trunk

Hi, We have an existing SIP trunk service from BT and want to port an extra number to it. We are being told there will be a charge of £395 for doing so. The BT price list shows a £0 connection fee for porting geo numbers. Is this normal? Thanks.

BT Cloud Voice - Live reporting

Hello, We are just starting to move off of an old BCM450 currently sat on SIP over BTNET. We currently run call monitoring and recording through a 3rd party via exporting cdr's. Doing this we are able to extract live information and it display it in ...

BT Cloud Voice 'Configuration Error'

Hi, All of our office staff are getting intermitant erros when logging into Cloud Voice Desktop app, just says 'Configuration Error'.  If they try again it sometimes logs in, sometimes not.Any clues as to if this is BT or an issue with us?  Its been ...

MikeM by Member
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Transition from regular phone line to BT Cloud

We have recently transferred over from a regular BT phone line to the BT Cloud service. This has taken since October/November to sort out and we have been charged for ceasing the regular contract early. I was not informed about this on the original c...

BT Inspiration system

Hi everyoneI've inherited an Inspiration phone system with the building I've just bought. In spite of being switched off for the last 5 years it appears to be working. Using a standard 2-wire phone I can call other extensions but I can't program the ...

Pjsaund by Member
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BT Cloud Voice - Extra Local Numbers

Hi, My current issue with BT Cloud voice is that some extra local numbers I set up around October last year and were working fine, following a recent BT platform migration/upgrade are not working. I have spoken to support and they will get back to me...