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BT Smart Hub Channel Change Question


I'm trying to isolate some potential issues with network congestion and wanted to try changing the channel from 36 to 40 as I can see several home networks around me are also using channel 36.

However, when I go change the channel, I'm met with a warning:

"After changing the configuration settings, devices connected to your Hub may lose connection.

For devices connected via wireless you may lose access to the Hub Manager pages and you will need to reconnect each device using the instructions provided with your devices."

For anyone who has done this before, does this mean that my devices will lose the ability to connect to the network and I'll have to manually re-add them all again? Or will they just disconnect and reconnect as normal? I've got my heating system and several other things on the network that I'd rather not have to fully set up again unless absolutely necessary!




Hi pictoruta


This is dependent on the device in question, most devices will automatically reconnect but you will have to check for each device.