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Complaint alternatives to phone and live chat?




Can anyone advise on what email addresses I can try directing a complaint to that may actually get picked up/looked at. Relates to products sold to us by BT Local Business (Devon & Somerset) but also Implementations team centrally. I have tried sorting / resolving with those teams but they have not just stopped responding to my emails and we are being billed twice (also spoken to Billing centrally who have said they can't do anything).

Having tried live chat several times with no luck and having spent another 45 mins being sent around the houses in call centres any advice on where and how to target this complaint to get it resolved would be greatly appreciated!




Hi Chloe, 


I am sorry for the issues. If you can privately message me I can take your details and assist.


Thank you, 




Let’s explore alternative channels to address your complaint effectively:

Email Complaints:
While BT doesn’t provide a direct email address for complaints, you can try reaching out to the following email:

Explain your situation concisely and include relevant details such as account numbers, product names, and the nature of the issue. Dog Near Me

BT Community Forums:
Visit the BT Business Community Forums and post your complaint there.
Community members and BT representatives actively participate in discussions and might be able to assist.

Complaint in Writing:
Send a written complaint to BT:

BT plc
PO Box 334
Sheffield S98 1BT

Contact BT Business Directly:
If you prefer a more direct approach, call BT Business customer service.

Document Everything:
Keep records of all communication, including dates, times, and names of representatives you’ve spoken to.
This documentation will be helpful if you need to escalate the complaint.

Escalate if Necessary:
If your issue remains unresolved, consider escalating to a higher level within BT.
You can also file a complaint with the Ombudsman Services.

Remember that persistence and clear communication are essential when dealing with complaints. I hope you find a resolution soon