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Support for systems like Avaya IP Office, BT Quantum, BT Cloud Voice and BT Cloud Phone.
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Frequently asked questions - Phone systems

How do I log into the cloud phone app? Here’s a link to the guide for logging to the BT Cloud Work Mobile App, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice portal, here’s how to access the BT Cloud Voice Express app and here’s how to access the BT One Pho...

BethM by Administrator
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Hosted Voice and Broadband Voice migration

Hi All,   If you are experiencing any problems or have any questions relating to your Broadband Voice or Hosted Voice Product or your move to another BT service as a result of the closure of these products, please contact the following  numbers where...

markp by Grand Guru
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BT ONE CANCELLED - sales of goods act 1979

Dear BT,I have 5 Samsung handsets which you sent me for use with BT ONE. Not one of these handsets will make an outgoing call and none of your technical support staff appear remotely interested.I entered into a contract with BT to provide telephony s...

Are cloud phone compulsory

As the PSTN lines are going to be phased out in 2025 , is there something else other than cloud phones offered to businesses ?All I need is a service where I make and receive calls and caller ID connected to my epos without all the complications from...

Cloud voice

Can anyone who has an epos system and is using cloud voice phone give me their experience using this .

Worse Service

I was approached by my local BT Relationship manager on the renewal of my two business phone services. I agree to up grade my system with the understanding that this up grade will not effect my service. On the 26 June 2023 BT transferred my Cloud ser...

BT ONE phone... does it work?... I have my doubts...

Recently switching to BT ONE at BT's recommendation has been an unmitigated disaster, so much so that I am starting to question whether they system actually works?For two weeks we had NO phone system.... our mobile mast was blamed. The same mast was ...

Miss sold business contract

Hello, To say to say I'm disheartened in BT's way of behaving is putting it mildly. We were reached by your outreach group to redesign our bundle and we were informed that on the off chance that we didn't update our bundle we would never again have a...

BT Cloud Voice and company directory download

We've recently deployed BT Cloud voice and are experiencing an odd issue with some, but not all handsets.Handsets are Yealink T46U VDM I've set up company contacts via Sites -> Features -> Company Contacts and it works for some users but not all.For ...

Rilot by Member
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VoIP Phone connect with own VPN Router

I would like to setup a VPN between my company sites, and must setup a CISCO VPN router connect to the WAN directly without using the Business Hub. But we have SIP Cloud Voice Phone System connected with the BT Business Hub already.  Does the SIP Clo...

hyng by Member
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BT Cloud Voice

HiI'm trying to help a friend setup two BT Advanced Digital Voice phones to their new Home Hub 2 router. It's a business account. The phones connect fine via WPS, ask if I want to add contacts, then complete setup. Then immediately they show a messag...

How to change the time and date on a Norstar system

We no longer support this system.   Norstar Compact / Modular system To change your system time and date:   Place the programming overlay on any M7310, M7310N, and M7324, M7324N or T7316 telephone.  To enter programming press Feature**23646 the displ...

Jen1 by Administrator
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