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Outgoing voicemail message on Cloud Voice Express/Yealink phone

Power User

Since having the Cloud phone stuff I can't see how to record my own personal outgoing message for voicemail (i.e. my "telephone answering machine message") - callers get "Welcome to BT Call minder" . . . 


This is just the tip of the iceberg on issues with the whole digital/cloud line stuff 😬



This option lets you record your own (or another User's) Voicemail greeting over phone. Select Phone, enter your telephone number in the box provided, then click Call now. BT Cloud Phone will try to reach the phone number and you will be given instructions on how to record your greeting. 

Power User

Just for clarity - do you mean using the app on the mobile to access the recording option?      [And out of interest is this documented anywhere? - have I missed it somewhere?]


If so, in my case that's a no-no as I have had to remove the app from my mobile as it doesn't work (as is well documented in many reviews on Google Play) - when the phone rings the Yealink phones (we have 2) ring as does the mobile BUT when the Yealink is answered the mobile continues to ring for the duration of the call and afterwards - and trying to answer the mobile instead of the Yealink doesn't work.   Advice from BT was to remove the app from the mobile and wait until a new version of the app is released!
The situation with the mobile really doesn't matter to me in terms of use BUT I resent having been sold what appears to be a pup with the move to the "brave new world of digital phones" - which hasn't worked since June 22.

Power User

I've, today, been advised by BT that the Cloud Voice Express service cannot have a personalised voicemail message - just the "Welcome to Callminder" message.  There is no way to record my own message.


Disappointed at being misled when sold the digital changeover, and angry.