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Hi all

We have just been swapped over to BT Business Voip CVE .

We have got a Yealink W73P phone and connects fine.

Now we have also got a BT X65 handset with Alexa built in ...and have it regestered to the Smart Hub 2.

Now should this phone work as well as the Yealink ...just says 'Unable to make or receive calls' on the screen.

Our original phone line is  still working ...can make and receive calls etc.


Also we have a bell and an alarm that connects to the phone line ...and read that you can use the Green phone plug on back of Hub 2 to connect old phones and bells to VOIP ...even seen videos of it working ..(My Mate Vince on youtube)


Also noticed that EE calls come through to new phone ( VOIP ) , but all other calls come through to old analogue phones....weird


Any help most appreciated


Also ...can you buy the Yealink handset on its own , without base station ...and will link to base station we have ?

I have tried pluging in an old phone ...but nothing...except a weird tone .



Hi Karl,


Thanks for your post.


The only handsets that would be compatible with Cloud Voice Express are those preconfigured to the portal and which BT provide. The Yealink W73P is the latest cordless handset we offer for this service and we also offer a corded desk phone, Cisco 6861.


Unfortunately, the plug on the back of the Business Smart Hub 2 will not work in the same way as the residential version of the Hub which allows for an analogue phone to be connected for use with the Digital Voice service.


Going by the information on this page: Set up additional cordless phones | BT Business, under "set up additional cordless phones", you can pair up to 5 handsets to the base station. 


I hope this helps - please send me a PM if you'd like to order additional handsets and I can look to arrange this for you.






Thanks for the reply now know that business voip is different to residential ...thats why green port doesnt work ....understand 🙂

Found the cloud app which allows you to use your mobile ...which is brilliant.

Many thanks