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Leased line - desperate for an engineer


Probably a long shot but we're desperate for a former or current Openreach engineer to perform an internal shift of a leased line for us in Bolton.  We are being kicked out of our unit very soon and we're going to be completely screwed as a business.  We will pay BT's standard rate(which is quite high)


Basically what's happened is we placed an order for this shift back in February with assurances that it would be completed within 6 weeks.  We still haven't been given a moving date 16 weeks later.  We pay a small fortune to BT Net every month and they've let us down extremely badly unfortunately.


It's around 3 hours' work.


Or if anyone knows a way to escalate this to anyone (believe me I've tried everything I can think of) please let me know.


Thanks for any help as I'm fast running out of options.


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The mods on here are excellent and often escalate a problem to those who can help.  But they are often absent for many days.  Why should business customers have to post on a forum to get a bloody response?  Ask fellow businesses in your area who gives a good service and rapid customer support.  I bet none will say BT.  Oddly, Plusnet has a good reputation but is wholly owned by BT as is OpenReach.


Hi jono678, 


I'm sorry you're having an issue. Can you send me a private message and I can have a look at this for you?