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Help shape the re-design of BT Business Help

Work is underway to improve our BT Business Help site.   Our survey is now closed, but we'd really appreciate your feedback through this Community.   Have a look round and give us your thoughts and views - have you ever had to use our help area? Did ...

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Jen1 by Administrator
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Have you ever worked on a farm?

Please tell us about your experiences and the difficulties you have had there, I want to move and change my life, start from scratch

nadi9a by Member
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Been sold new agrement without canceling previous one

I have moved out the new adress and BT sales person called me and he said that they are not able to move out to new adress my business BT account so they said I should sign new agrement and I am sure he said me that there will not extra charges and n...

does anyone know what they are doing at bt?

so..Pre November 2020, had 2 phone lines with BTBusiness, one had a phone and broadband the other had just a second phone, numbers ending 761 and 764.November 2020, got a call from bt sales and was convinced to go to the Halo VOIP system, agreed with...

Using a different VOIP phone

Hi I have BT Cloud Voice Express. It comes with a Yealink phone. I would like to dispense with this phone and use my Siemens Gigaset DX800, how do I get the information I need to be able to use my own phone with this account?

ring tones

hi we have a new Bt Cloud voice system  and Yealink phones. i want to set up the system so that internally transferred calls have a different ringtone to the incoming call ring tone - can anyone point me inthe right direction of how to do thisthanks

ladymba by Member
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Advice on BT download speed issues

So I’ve had BT Infinity Broadband in for almost two months now on the 52mb package. However the speeds I’ve been getting are terrible. Generally mornings are ok with a download speed of around 30mb but after around 1pm up until early morning it’s bee...

Best WiFi Extenders?

So, I've been struggling to receive a good connection upstairs in my house because my wifi cant reach up there properly with how our house is built...what are the best range extenders out right now to help me get real good speeds in other parts of my...

Can you connect to the BT Cloud app via FTP?

I am in the process of ripping all my DVDs to an external SSD and I have used 60 gig so far and estimate I will use about 100 gig when I am done. I would like to create a cloud backup as my ISP (BT Internet) gives me 1 terabyte storage.Of course this...

Open your home to new complete wi-fi but at what cost?

I received some marketting from BT, "Open your home to new complete wi-fi" Maybe I missed it but I could see nothing about the cost.  Maybe BT are shy so can anyone here offer an answer?

BML by Member
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