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Access Manager - Known Error Log?

Grand Master

If a Known Error Log for Access Manager is available is it possible for me to see it (and understand BT plans to resolve)?


Using AM with the dongle I am consistently (every day) frustrated by things like :


internet access just stopping, I check AM and it says I am connected  (and I have a solid blue light on the dongle) - but I'm not connected error 404 all the time; close the AM connection and reconnect and off we go again.


This morning after 2 hours happily on line (with dongle) connection is broken and AM advises serious error; and must close down and reboot. NO!!! says I, as I have windows open that I do not want to lose and need to continue working with. (For me I switched to Openzone to continue to complete work prior to having to reboot).


Anyone else out there have the same sort of issues with Access Manager??





Hi Seraphsailor,

 The first port of call when trying to solve this BT Access Manager (BTAM) issue is to ensure that you have the latest version installed. This can be found here:  Latest Version  or done via your BTAM client.  

Please let me know if this does not solve your problem and I will try to find another resolution for you from our product teams.






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Grand Master

Morning Tracey,


BTAM client indicates I am up to date.



Start up Access Manager and successfully connect via HPSA.

Minimise/hide BTAM and it sits in the system tray in the background.

BTAM can then pop up and instigate disconnection – I have not hovered over the icon or clicked to resurrect; so all by itself it pops up and it instigates a disconnect; and I lose some work; a message is returned “Failure getting mobile network status” because my mobile data device is no longer available – ref 31014.  I do a retry and initialisation starts, reconnect (and use up some of my usage in the process) and off we go again.


Other messages can include

1.A fatal error has occurred. The client cannot continue followed by the controller service stopped responding

2. Please contact your support desk for help with this error


Restarting BTAM cures the issue – until it happens again




A different situation.


Connect to Openzone using BTAM. Happily working and whatever I am doing via the OZ link stops. Bring up BTAM and it says I am connected – but it isn’t. If I select a web page then it brings up the OZ web browser log on page and says I should log on using web browser. (I can do this and I can work again).  If I go to BTAM and instigate disconnect/reconnect then it will come back – meanwhile the OZ browser coming up overwrites/deletes what I am currently working on.


Again closing BTAM and bringing it back up cures the problem – until next time.


I’ve spotted that Connection Manager can have exactly the same problems (so it is not unique to me)  – Tim indicates generating a report and sending it to mobility….. (at)


Since 7:40 this morning on HPSA it’s happened twice and I am error logging and will send the report later today.


This hasn’t just started – it’s been going on since using BT mobile; and is getting so irritating (almost to the point of unusability)  that if it continues I will consider other options.






Grand Master

Well, I thought i would be able to create a report log of activity but with several fatal BTAM closures yesterday whatever log was being created appears to be lost.


Easily onto Openzone via BTAM this morning and after 10 minutes the next web page that comes up is OpenZone with URL


BTAM says I am connected and the above link says I am connected; and the wifi link is strong - but the connection is broken; and this happens on two different laptops; one is XP and the other Vista



I will talk to the BT support desk (and as usual go round in circles); so that I have a record of my attempts to resolve.  


I believe the two issues you are experiencing with 3G connections ("Fatal error.." & "31014") have both been isolated and resolved, and a new version of BTAM will soon be available containing these fixes. If you'd like to test the new version prior to its release, then let me know and I will contact you as soon as we have a build available.

As for your issue with OZ, I've not heard of this before and will investigate. Can you answer the following to help isolate it:

1/ Is this the same OZ hotspot each time?
2/ You mention it occurs on XP and Vista. Do you have security software installed on these PCs? If so, what?
3/ When this occurs can you generate and send a report to They'll need to be full logs, so can you start BTAM up by holding down Ctrl+Shift.

Apologies if you've answered these before, but these didn't appear in a forum search.


Grand Master

Neil, PM sent