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Android E-mail Set Up: A 10 step, or less, guide (With Screenshots)


Hi Guys


Microsoft have just future proofed the 365 product to work with IPv6 technology.  Because of this there are a new set of email servers that we are introducing.


Please note that the setting will continue to work but we recommend these new settings as they are ready for future technology.


With that in mind I have written a new (and hopefully improved) version of the android email set up.


This was written on a Samsung Galaxy S4 running Android 4.3


So first off we want to navigate to the home screen and start from there, and then we want to go to “Apps”





Then “Settings “






Then “Accounts”





From there click “Add Account”





Then choose “Email”





This is going to ask us for the username and password,enter the full email address and matching password.


For example


Username –

Password - Password


Once you have done that if you are using an account that has a custom domain (anything not ending in click “Manual Setup”


If you have a BT connect account and an older phone/tablet, click “Manual Setup”


If you have a BT connect and a newer phone/tablet, click “Next” – the phone/tablet will do the rest for you.





At this point we have 3 options POP, IMAP, and Exchange.


If you are using a Lite email (one that comes free with business broadband and hosting packs) then choose POP


If you are using the 365 Small Business chargeable email then click Exchange, the phone/tablet will then do the rest for you.





You will now be able to enter the following settings into the phone/tablet


Email address –

Username –

Password – password

POP3 Server –

Security Type – SSL(Accept all certificates)

Port – 995


There is also a delete from server option but you can set that to whatever you feel is best.


If you have other devices set up (such as outlook or mac mail) then it may be best for us to keep that on never.


You can also set this so that it deletes emails from the webmail after a set amount of time (keeping a copy of messages on the phone/tablet)


Then click “Next”




Now we need to put in the outgoing settings, which are as follows.


SMTP Server –

Security Type – TLS(Accept All Certificates)  if this fails then please try STARTTLS

Port – 587

Require Sign-in – Yes

Username –

Password – password


Then click “Next”





Now all you do is choose how often you want the email to sync




Let me know what you think of this guide guys, as always any feedback is always welcome.


Hope this helps