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E-mails via my iPhone


Hello and help!


I have been using Outlook on my PC to access my e-mails for several years without any problem. I have recently got an iPhone 4s and have been completely unsuccessful in setting it up to receive e-mails.If I follow the instructions on the BT Office website I do not get prompts to fill in details like 'port' so I am clearly trying to do the wrong thing. I have also tried using the free app for OWA and I can't get that to work either. Any ideas? Incidentally I have used the BT chat line and the response I got from that is Apple settings are no known to BT(!). Thanks, David



Hi organbuilder,


Looks like you have followed this guide already hopefully I can help with some of the common stumbling blocks


  1. Some models of iphone wont give you options to configure port rules until after the email address has failed to set up.  You'll need to go back in and change the advanced setting for both the incoming and outgoing server.
  2. The incoming and outgoing servers if they auto-configure themselves might be and  You need to change those over aswell.  I'd use and for the servers
  3. make sure the username has at the end of it.

There is a great sticky for setting up iphones.  You should find this useful.