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Appalling Service with Bt


Dear Sirs,


The crux of my forum post relates to a charge of £150+VAT applied to our account at the start of the year, which took several months to even get a reply from bt - which in itself I found particularly annoying.


I have just had my call back from a complaint lodged about a month ago, from a very polite, but completely unhelpful chap called Levi. fter our old system which we'd had with BT was removed after being told that parts were no longer available for the machine as we'd had it for 10-15 years.


We believed that the charge was not legitimate, and as I highlighted to Levi, I thought after the first engineer erroneously diagnosed our error (leaving us with a crippled system for weeks which could have been remedied on his first visit) the charge maybe waived if it's legitimate plainly this cost us time and money - none of which we have attempted to recover... yet.


The worst part was that Mr Levi Mendosa has erroneously/fraudulently told me that I have to pay the fees as we do not have a maintenance plan on our account, although upon checking we do have such a product and pay £270 or so a year for it. This therefore surely proves once and for all that our charge should be removed.


I also was not made aware that we were entitled to compensation for the duration the line was not useable and would be grateful if this can be applied to the account as well.



don't waste your tie with these clowns-take them immediaitely through the small claims courts-I bet youll suddenly get a different response.