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BT Busines Hub 3 and BT Broadband Talk



I currently have BT business Broadband, and BT Broadband Talk. I am using the older 2wire 2700HG Router which i got when i signed up 2/3 years ago.

I am also using the BT Broadband Talk as my main business incoming phone line, i have this number on all of my business stationary.


recently the hub has been playing up not all ways giving an internet conectable IP address to my computers, range isn't very good etc, so i tried to source a 2701 hub to upgrade, unforunatly i have been sent a Hub 3, with no phone socket on it.


So my questions are:

Is it possible to use BT Broadband Talk with this hub, if not should i send the hub back for a 2701.

If BT are fazing out Broadband Talk what will i do with my number which is what i have given all of my clients.


Is BT broadband Voice the same product?


Cheers Dai


Grand Guru

Hi xxdaix,


I am sorry to see you have had problems with your business broadband router.  If you contact the helpdesk we can get a Business hub 2 (2701) sent out to you, to allow you to use you broadband talk (VoIP) lines.


We are not phasing VoIP out, it is just the new hub does not support connecting standard phones into it, we are in the process of designing a new hub that can be used with standard phones for use with VoIP.





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Just to confirm what markp has said ...  there are 2701's available for customer such as yourself.    There are three occurences of it where I have been involved and 2701s sent out.


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Hi xxdaix. Any updates on this yet?