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BT Business Infinity line sync dropped by nearly 50% after a year of stability

A few things that have frustrated me here.

Firstly my issue. I reported this early morning on the 17th. My connection dropped for a few minutes and when it came back up I'd dropped from a stable 77/20 sync to 55/15. After a further period of instability yesterday it dropped further to 48/12. I also use Pingplotter to track ping times every 15s to a couple of reference servers one in Paris one in London and there is now a jump in the graphs from sub 10ms to nearly 30ms from the time of the first drop in the sync speed. Nothing has changed whatsoever at my end, Openreach modem is plugged into the master socket and using a DrayTek 2860. It's been a solid reliable service for over a year, sometimes going months without a disconnection.

So I logged this online. First problem is that when reporting this there was nowhere to enter free text to describe the exact issue I'd encountered. Second problem is that it had an ETA to resolve of 18th 00:59 which came and went without a peep or any update ( Id registered for email updates).

So yesterday I attempted to chase it up via live chat. Firstly most of the live chat helpers can't help because of something about changing to a new system and my account being on it. Second problem is I'm abroad and they couldn't give me a number to call that would work from outside the UK or call me on an international number. Luckily I have a UK mobile roaming here so they could call me on that, which they did to basically tell me nothing had happened yet but that they'd call me this afternoon (been and gone) with an update.

Is this par-for-the-course service for a BT Business infinity customer? Why set an ETA to fix the fault if it is meaningless and no update or apology is made when it passes? Even tracking it now it still shows the deadline as 18th 00:59, and 'No Engineer Assigned'.

So all in all I'm a tad peeved that firstly my connection has slowed down by nearly half and secondly that the systems for reporting, tracking and chasing up faults isn't working for me. I spend the majority of my time abroad and the location of the connection is generally unattended - I have the means to remote reboot the power and of course remote router access and access to a couple of PCs on the LAN there.

Maybe there is a BT representative on here who can help?

I never did hear anything else about this.

Remarkable isn't it - you log a fault, and it simply stays on the system apparently indefinitely, with no updates nothing at all to indicate anyone cares let alone is working on the issue.

Well I'll be switching to Eclipse or someone at the first chance I get, the support service for BT is appalling in my opinion.