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BTConnect issues with iOS devices?


Suddenly started having issues with my iOS devices connecting to my btconnect account? These have always worked perfectly previously but since yesterday have not been able to connect?


Having go back home tonight my laptop is able to connect and download mail without any issues - I have not adjusted any settings on any of the devices and yet the iOS devices no longer connect?


I have had 2 emails in the last few weeks telling me that I am being upgraded to Office 365 mail on the 01/08 and I wondered if that might have some impact but on checking the webmail today I am getting the old webmail site which implies that the move to Office 365 has not yet happened?


I havel also had emails telling me that my mailbox is over its size limit - could this be putting restrictions on my account? I would have assumed any such restriction would be universal however and not device/OS specific?


Anyone else with similar issues? Anyone able to help?






I am having a hard time connecting BT with my iPhone. How did you set up yours?

Master User

Hi Alex,


I could doublecheck your account to be sure, but it sounds like the upgrade may have gone through, its easy enough to update the settings.


Setup guide:,2053,3793,3884/a_id/18751/kw/how%20do%20i%2...?


However you will still have access to the old webmail through the direct URL.  If you go in via and click your email, this will tell you whether you are on office 365 or whether you get redirected to the old platform.


If it is still on the old platform we can also check the settings over.