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Bt Vision Business Customers


 Following the demise of Setanta many business premises have been unable to register ESPN unless they take up the Sky Package.


This is  an extremely expensive option for many small outlets,golf clubs for example, has any consideration been given to extending BT Vision to Business Customers. I am sure that many small  clubs would be interested.





Andrew Crawford

Lamlash Golf Club



I am a small business who works from home, and would love BT to provide Vision to SME's.


Given the choice of having to buy a second broadband for the same house just to get Vision, clearly means Sky is a beteter alternative, and the main loser is BT.


BT think again!!



I have a BT Business Broadband contract and a BT Business phone line because I wasn't going to pay £200 to install a line when I coulld get connected for free!


I am very disappointed that it has now been 3 years since this service was introduced and still no offer of BT Vision on a BT BUSINESS LINE!


I am a Business and Personal customer, as I use my phone line and broadband for Business & Personal services, I currently now have BT Business Line, BT Business Broadband & BT Mobile, Am I just another sucker for BT!







I'm the treasurer for a community football club and we would love to be able to have bt vision in our club house.  We cannot afford to have sky so can't show any live footie matches which our members would love.  Surely if BT were to offer this, like they do for personal customers, they would be swamped with connection requests.

Hi, Now we are coming to the end of February. 2012, have we got any update on BT letting businesses use their BT VISION? I have just bought a pub and got a monthly quote from sky of £1945 PER MONTH!!! This is just ridiculous but have no option at the present time to move elsewhere. Sunny

Super User

+1 right here on BT Vision. 🙂


Hi All,


Just like to say that BT Vision for business would be a good move forward, that & HD on the standard box.


I am the commercial manager at a small football club and are looking at ways to keep supporters in the clubhouse after a game. Most disappear to a local pub to watch Sky. We have had quotes from Sky at £695 per month for the first year!!!


With a vision box we could record MOTD and play it along with other footbal related programmes.


Come on BT, do not rip us of but also do not ignore this opportunity to get more people using your services. I am looking at other internet & phone suppliers because of it, wise up, and quickly before someone else does.


You have spent a lot of money to show live football in 2013. Let us small clubs watch it with you or have Sky got you by the wedding tackle?



@James wrote:

Hi Andrew, this is a good idea. I received the following response from the BT Vision department, however I have made sure your suggestion does not go unnoticed:


'We currently don't have plans to launch a business variant of BT Vision, but we continue to review ways we can develop our service into the future.'


By the way for anyone else reading this the best way of ensuring BT stand up and take notice is to click on the Kudos image by this idea. The higher the Kudos rating, the more popular thie idea amongst other customers.


Thanks for your input.



I own a guest house and have BT business phone & business infinity broadband. I have my own private accommodation on the premises and would like BT Vision for my own use. I have been told this is not possible, I was told that I would have to move from a business line to BT Home to get BT vision; this seems crazy that no provision is made for my type of business which is also my home!