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Cannot connect machines on internal netwrok


The machines on my internal network can no longer see each other, I can't understand why. Any help would be appreciated. I have a number of devices: Windows XP, Windows 8, Linux, Android. Recently I had to switch the hub off for some electrical work. After switching it back on, the devices can no longer see each other. I can see them all as connected devices in the Hub Manager, can ping each of them from there, they can all access the internet, but none of them can see each other, can't ping, access shared folders and printers, nothing.


Any idea what's going on here? I've tried restarting the hub, the devices, et. They stubbornly remain invisible to each other.


Grand Master

UUUgh... just having nasty flashback to networking my kit on win7 between XP,Linux, Android and the wifes Mac


Windows 8  will only share with other devices belonging to a named Group and there's a horrible password key that it generates, see if that has changed..


Does not sound like a hub issue more like something has updated on the Windows machines and dropped the settings for the share permissions. UK Jobs Scanner