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Incorrect Profiles



Back in December I finally moved to an 80/20 package and the problem was there from day 1.


The downstream is fine - the max attainable is about 64 Mb,   sync is 62.5Mb and throughput about 60 to 61 Mb ...


However with the upstream it is a different matter.       Max attainable 24 Mb,   sync  20Mb (the modem shows 20000kb).   With that I would expect to see about 19Mb on the upstrem.   However,  all I can achieve is 9Mb.   


I have had two long technician (SFI) visits, the problem moved from normal Tech Support to the Escalation desk ... they all agree that there is a problem but cannot get it resolved.    The Technician has been passed from pillar to post - making about 20 calls on his extended visist earlier today.   On one call he was told that the ordered product did not match te profile set in te systems and a reset was need and to wait 15 minutes.  It has still not changed!


Any ideas where I can turn next?     Everyone that I speak to can see the problem,  but we cannot get it resolved.    OR what needs to be done?