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Common Sense


Would like to customise my home page so that I can have a short cut to ALL MY products and services. Current BT portal is basically 5  web sites trying to be one. Fed up of drilling down through multiples windows for each product or feature.

PS Have a nice day.


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Good idea Bart. We're currently developing something which will help with this. The 'Managed services' section is being redesigned - in time, in one domain you’ll be able to view emails, manage and configure your products and buy new ones. This won’t be on the MyOffice homepage as we're planning to keep the management of all products and services in one area. Starting with a few products, gradually building up. Expecting to launch within the next couple of months.




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Bart as of next week we are a step cloiser. The Selfcare pages are going under MyOffice and the long term goal is to move 'Your Account' into the same space so you can do everything all in one area, due to the massively diverse and large portfolio we have at BT this is a huge exercise but we are doing our best to pull it together.


Further update:

Customer insight and site usage analytics shows us that customers tend to primarily visit the MyOffice site to access their emails and to activate and manage their BT products and services. As a result we will soon be changing the MyOffice site, the new design will feature a new and improved site layout and provide customers with easy access to their emails and to the products and services management section.

For further information please see this interview with the Head of MyOffice 



Today in Managed Services customers can:

  • Activate new product purchases
  • Upgrade existing products
  • Order new products on an existing billing account
  • Configure, manage and access products
  • Edit connection settings for Broadband