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Email problems


I've recently starting having problems with some emails bouncing back from some clients. Majority of emails are sending fine. (also a few are going into clients spam boxs)

I use Entourage (same problem on MacMail as tried from that too) and have had these error messages from two client's email addresses:

Returned mail: Sender Authorization check failed - psmtp (from


The original message was received at Wed, 5 Jun 2013 09:55:15 +0100

from []


   ----- The following addresses had permanent delivery errors -----



Returned mail: See (from

The original message was received at Thu, 6 Jun 2013 14:14:28 +0100
from []

   ----- The following addresses had permanent delivery errors -----

My web hosting has recently changed server (last Friday). But if I send directly from their browser mail app it works. I've contacted them and they can't find a problem


I've also recently upgraded to superfast brioadband and I've had my BT email changed. Am I using the right SMTP server for out going mail


Looking on the help it says it should be but I can't get this to work. Even when I sent up my Bt email address in Entourage to the exact settings. I can't get this email to work


Any idea of what it is. Is this BT outgoing server causing the conflict or my web hosting. Please help, it's driving me crazy





Hi Acutegraphics

I am sorry about that, it looks like your email address is coming up as not existing under the domain.  the most likely reason for this is that you have an invalid mx record and need to delete this.  if your domain is hosted with BT please contact us and we will fix this for you