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How to Install CCTV system at hom?


I’m running a grocery store and I was advised to install a cctv system to prevent thefts. So I made a research about choosing the best cctv. I read about the factors that must be considered so that I won’t be able to make a wrong decision. I also read about the best brands of cctv systems so that my choices will be narrowed down and so that it won’t take me a long, long time in purchasing one. The only thing that’s bothering me is the CCTV Installation. I know that some companies offer them while others don’t. However, I don’t know which company offers cheap installation. So can anybody help?



Hi Sply

looks like you need to find a tech in the area, I went to  > maps and then typed tech help and my area and found a list of IT guys
it might be worthwhile doing this and getting quotes from these companies