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Hub 3.0 and printers

Canon printer:- wifi and Home Hub 3

Printer wifi has gone (disapeared a couple of weeks ago cannot get it back). I assume its the fault of HH3.  Surely, surely, surely in 2019 I don't have to set the printer up with a static address? Do I? Perhaps that's why its gone?  None of the Apple clients can see Airprinter now.  What's going on?  Anybody got a link to sort this out please? (Canon MB2155 and HH3 buisness connection.)

Q2.  What's the latest HH provided for business accounts?  Really think this HH3 is the cause of our problems.


Super User

Hey routerab,


You shouldn't need a static IP address for your printer to allow devices on the internal network to access that. Have you attempted to reconfigure the printer on that network at all to see if devices can connect? Business accounts would be provided with a Business Hub rather than a Home Hub, but the latest version is the BT Business Smart Hub (Hub 6). 


Thank you, Bobby


Thanks.  This is the hub.


I reconfigure the printer every 2 or 3 months.  Tried it in a neighbour's house and it was fine using DHCP (but of-course that wasn't for 2 or 3 months); Also have an ethernet based HP which has issues too (perhaps it pinches the static Canon's IP address...!?!)  

Think I've tried the "changing to wireless b/g rather then b/g/n" trick although I've changed/tried so many things I've lost track.

Also tried Direction Connection -which works- but what a pain. Changing wifi networks -and the printer settings- just to print a page is madness.

As a business customer for many years I think I'll ask nicely for a hub 6 and reset Cannon to factory and start again, although I expect that will come with a hefty charge.

EDIT: neighbour has a spare Home Hub. Can I try that or is the Business Hub specially configured?