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Hub 3 is randomly blocking parts of my website / web server connection




Ever since upgrading from ADSL to BT Infinity Business I have been experiencing small connectivity issues, mainly sourrding websites that direct you to specific ports. As part of our upgrade we had the Business hub 3 installed.


I have checked through as many settings as I can think of and an explanation doesn't seem that visible.


The main website's webpage loads perfectly fine, however whenever I try to jump onto the port :3773 to listen to the stream audio file I simply get "This webpage is not available" & "The operation timed out." weirdly though things like page titles and favicons load up fine, it's almost like the content is being blocked via the router. I have managed to replicate this not only on my personal PC, but my Macbook, my iPhone on wifi and a pretty old downstairs PC.


The website homepage is as follows: - the webpages that my router seems to be blocking me from visiting are: - what's even more strange is that I can't connect to the websites (server) desktop via VNC anymore.. yet the second I try on my phone with wifi swithced off, it's prefectly fine! The reason I have ruled out there being a problem on my servers end is because I am actually able to see index of the site, just no other directories or files. I have also had success to connect to the desktop via VNC, and browse on the directories via my web browser on other house hold connections.. just not mine.


Can anyone guide me where I should checking on my router so see if things are being blocked?


Like I said all of this was fine before the Hub 3 switch over.. we used to have a similar looking router to the BT 2701 I believe.


Much appreciated,