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Incoming VOIP calls issue


Hi All,


So I have recently moved over to BT business and use non BT voip services. I have recently been experiencing issues with receiving calls on VOIP lines. I have hardware voip phones and softphones and the problems occur with all. If I use a different network (I've tried 3G and local wifi hotspot) it works fine but not on the BT line. I have connected my laptop directly to the modem to rule out any router issues and it still did not work. I've not had any issues in the few years I have been using this set up, and it was working fine for a while on BT, it started intermittantly but now is completely not working. I'm now stumped as once I connected directly with the laptop there is very little else I can change from my end. Does anyone have any suggestions about why this might be happening? Could it be the standard BT voip package interferring or something?


Thanks in advance!



Do you still need help on this one?


Do you have a BT router?

If so you might need to turn off SIP ALG.


In a Hub3 that is under the device list or firewall and in a Hub5 it is under firewall.