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Internet security


I am looking to block websites on all the computers in my house, which i and my children use, including tablets on wifi, at the router so that i do not need to do it on each machine.  On my earlier BT router I could do this but since changing to BT Hub 3 this facility seems to have disappeared.  Does anyone know whre it has gone and if there is someway i can still do this at the hub.   


Grand Master

Hi Melvynkay


There is no options on the new BT Routers to use Content Filtering,


And i'm not aware of any Software bt offer to do this,


if you look round the internet i know Companys like Norton have content filtering options,




Many thanks for your reply.  it is a great pity that BT removed this option as it was very useful.  Not sure why this did it in the light of recent attempts to curb internet porn.  We have three desktops, three ipads, and various phones that use wifi and sorting them all indiviidually is painful.  One stab via the router would be ideal.  Does Norton

Grand Master

Am surprised and frankly a little disappointed no BT staff member has advised you on this.


The simplest method is to change the DNS settings of your PC. Put simply the DNS or Diretory Name Server setting is the location of  special high level computers  that stores and operates a giant  index of the world wide web.


By default most computers have this setting left blank and as such are routed to the prefered DNS server of their internet provider and naturally BT has several under their control. However they are not the only provider and several exist that specifically  filter out unsafe or unsavoury traffic requests. Takes less than a minute to change, no software to install and it's free.



  • DO NOT give your kids 'admin' privaliges that would allow them to change it back till you trust them.
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