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Having just moved premises and had to cancel and transfer both residential lines and my business broadband from two separate locations to one location, I think that the single most important thing BT could do is implement a scheme where you are allocated a single contact point for your account(s) for any problems. Although to the outside world BT is a single entity, it is obvious that internally it is split up into many different teams. The problem is that when things don't go smoothly, the outsider doesn't have a clue which one of the many teams is at the sharp end of the problem, and unfortunately other teams may not pass on the true nature of a problem, resulting in much holding on the phone and pressing various option buttons. I think I spoke to:


The business moving team

Business broadband sales

Residential moving team

Broadband faults

Broadband billing

Residential billing

Openworld tech support

Options team?


I wouldn't even mind paying a small premium if you could contact a single experienced customer service person who had all the contacts and you could just hand over everything to them once and tell them to sort it. They should be able to advise a time frame for a result, and the premium should be re-imbursed x 2 if the advised time frame isn't met.


As it was I spent hours on the phone trying to push my orders smoothly through the BT empire. Even now I still have an issue where during a "move" services I never had (internet security pack) magically appeared on my order, and I'm still trying to get that cancelled.


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Yours exhausted.

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I like the idea, slight prolem is that business and residential are a seperate service provider, just like telephony and broadband are seperate, BT was broken up a few years back becuase it was classed as a monopoly meaning each department cant interact with each other.


The business movers team are supposed to take care of the move for you, but only to an extent, they are only supposed to deal with the business side of things.


It would be nice, the only hurdle would be that business cannot call residential and get them to do something, requests have to come from the customer for some things.


If you are wanting the security pack cancelled call 0800 800 152 and they will remove it, best to call first thing in the morning when they are quite.


Hi Simonmaasz,


I'm currently trying to find someone within BT to answer your query. I had a look at your recent orders & the situation is complicated by the fact that, apart from the having a Business Broadband and Residential lines, there also seems to have been another Service Provider involved.

I'll come back with a response as soon as possible.  


WilliamA (BT).       



Hi Simonmaasz,


I've investigated further & received the following response to your suggestion "Thank you for your post. We do understand your point and apologise for the frustration you have felt. We are trying to converge the skill sets of our agents so each agent is able to deal with as wide a variety of issues as possible. We are initially doing this within our separate Consumer and Business divisions so, for example, a single agent can deal with telephony, broadband and mobile orders or problems. We recognise that on occasion customers have products and services from both Business & Consumer divisions however each area currently has very specific and complex requirements meaning that we need to keep them separate. This is a problem which we do recognise and we will continue to monitor & review for future improvement".




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think the bt business division has UK-only call centres, the residential part of bt has call centres in the UK and abroad? though not sure about that, could be one of the factors adding to the confusion though