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Need help changing the domain on my hosted site


I recently started a hosting package from BT which I have constructed a website under which isn't published yet. However I had a change of heart about the name and so purchased a seperate domain name last night which is a .net domain. I can't work out how to either move the website from its original domain to the new one, or to just start over again and host a site on the new domain and close down the old one. Can anyone help me with this please?


I've tried going right back to the start of the process and buying a web hosting package, but now it tells me the domain I want is unavailable, even though it's me who has bought it!


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Look at this thread - Fiona (Mod) has provided BT web techy info links:


There is a contact us page for domain and web queries: the number is 



0845 600 7020 and stated to be available 24/7

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Hi. You can actually do this on the customer portal. But if you want someone to walk you through, I suggest to call the support so they could give you specific intructions. 


Good luck.



I think, your problem can be solved if the domain is not published yet. You have to shift all the database and design structure to the new website and remove it from the old one. This way, you can change the domain.