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New Contract


BT want me to renew my contract with them that has just expired  with a new five year contract and a feature line where you have to press 9 to make a call. Having had the worst quality of service you can imagine from BT , disconnected after three weeks from date of invoice ,indian and phillipino call centres phone me for payments on a saturday night, £9.00 plus vat for invoice payments over the internet or bank counter. I am not prepared to committ to this new contract . Stupid to say the least then onced signed BT will up their fees again next week and your stuck and there is  nothing you can do about it.Why should I have to press 9 every time I want to make a call. Bt can run and Jump  there are plenty of other good phone supplies out there and cheaper.If  I ran my business like BT run theirs I would never have any clients.

         It appears that when BT sales staff phone you they read from a script but never really explain the costs involved twice I had to phone last week to see if the broadband deal was in my interest and could I save money and twice she avoided the subject. Be careful when agreeing to new contracts. You could end up worst off than you are as I almost experienced.