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Office 365 Email


I had/have BT Business Lite/Domain and have recently ( 4 days ago ) added Office 365 Premium to my account - I was told by BT to disable both my current emails and to re activated after a given period.  


This has worked for the main email address that I have for the account - but the second email address I cannot neither - reactivate  (told that I need to add another license )  or add as an an alias to the main address.


As the second email is my named one and has been used by business colleauges I do not want to loose it - but no one seems to be able to give me advise on what if how to recitify this -   FYI I have waited 4 days to see if this wld somehow update.


Microsoft advise that the issue should be directed to BT



Any advice would be well recvd even if only who is best to contact on this.


Grand Guru

Hi Jonldn,


With Office 365 for Small Business/Premium it is 1 license per email address if you want them to have separate mailboxes.  If you want them to share a mailbox you can create the email address as an alias, but once an email aaddress has been created as a mailbox it cannot then be deleted and created as an alias, it would need you to purchase another Office 365 license to be able to create that address.