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Office 365, Outlook 2010 and email address.




I have a customer who uses a BT Business broadband account.


They have email address.


They are now getting their email via a web log on using the Office 365 set up.


Could someone please provide the Outlook 2010 settings to set up the email address so they can get their email via Outlook 2010 and stop using the Office 365 set up they have been transfered to.


I spent 3 hours trying to get this work using POP3 and SMTP last night to no avail.


I have done some searches and there doesn't seem to be a definitive answer, so is it an issue with BT and Office 365?


Also, the user has email on the Office 365 account along with some folders, how can we export this email in to .PST format so I can import it into Outlook 2010.


They are running a business and need to keep all legacy email.


Any advise would be greatly appriciated.


Thank you,





Hi Dave 

Let me get you the settings for office 

365 - these will work for any mail client and I have personally set this up on outlook 2010 hundreds of times

Incoming server

Server -

port – 995

connection type – SSL

ensure that this is authorised with the full email address and password including the domain



Server -

port – 587

connection type – TLS

make sure the outgoing server requires authentication and authenticate with the same details as the incoming server


keep in mind that you may have a post migration email address (if you have been using aliases)  and that you will have  to use this email address as the username 



for example 

you previously had 

with the aliases 

your post migration email is 


you would have to use as your username 

but in the email address section of outlook place any of the linked accounts and it will send and recevie as this 


here is a full list of instructions with screenshots,3433,3897


I have been ported to use 365 and am having the same problem than others with trying to continue using alias accounts.


I have my main bt email address that uses the format


I can send and receive emails without any problems.


I also had two alias that I want to send messages as:


When I configure teh addition email account from what I read I need to use my in the POP and IMAp account setting as below.




and then in the Genral Tab of the more settings dialogue box I enter the alias details





But when I do this the email gets sent, but shows the email address as coming from and not



Is it still possible to have the email sent so that it appears to come from or is this facility no longer supported under 365.


If it is supported, what am I not understanding about configuring, and if it is no longer supported is there any way round this?



Any guidance appreciated






Master User

Hi Martin,


When your account is migrated, the domain email address stops being an alias and is set up as a separate and distinct mail bodx.  If you want to continue using both then you'll need to set up two accounts - one for the domain email address, and one for the BT Connect.


If you don't plan to continue sending using the BT Connect account, there's a forwarding rule put in place by default to forward from the BT Connect to the domain email address, so if you set up the domain email address you will receive mail sent to either address.


Hope that makes sense,




Hi Adrian


Thanks for the reply.


"If you want to continue using both then you'll need to set up two accounts", I'm sure it is a stupid question but how do I go about setting up two accounts?








Master User



No such thing as a stupid question here - it sounds from your earlier post that you have already set up the BT Connect email address. Follow the same steps (File, Add Account, ....) but use the domain email address instead of the BT Connect.


When you're done, hitting Send/Recieve will check both mailboxes, and when you compose a message you'll have the option to choose which address your send from.


Hope that helps,




Hi just a follow up to my previous posts.



I did succeed in creating a second email account but that didn't solve my problem.


It has taken this long and several long sessions with three separate BT support people but eventually we got there.


My specific problem was that I wanted to be able to send email from a domain that was externally hosted,no matter what I tried it would send the email but not honour the reply to address, instead it would always show my btconnect address. 


I wanted to be able to send using a different email address but I didn't need/want to receive emails addressed to that domain into my BT365 account from the external domain as the mail was being received elsewhere and other people were getting their email.


I believe that BT had to configure something their end and then the settings I used that worked were as follows:


Your Name: Joe Bloggs

Email Address:


Account type: POP3





password: ******


Require logon using Secure Password Authenticating - unchecked


More Settings



Organization: External Org Ltd




Outgoing Server

Requires authentication - Checked

Use same settings as my incoming mail server 



Incoming server POP3: 995

Server requires SSL - checked

Outgoing server: 25

Use encryted connects: None



These are the settings that worked - but as I said earlier I think BT also had to configure things their end for it to allow relaying.


Hope it helps others who are having the same problem. Probably not so much of a problem if the other domain is hosted by BT, or if all the email for the external domain can be redirected through the BT account, both of which for me were not options.


Thanks for helping me get there.