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PSTN lines not equipped

Hi. I've second hand BT versatility system.
Problem is that I can make internal calls but external line doesn't seem to be connected.
Wiring is there, line is active but when I go to programming -> system programming -> Lines - > equipped lines
 there are no lines shown.

I can't make external calls neither any of extensions ring when I try to call in from my mobile.

Any suggestions?


Blue pair is connected to Line 1 (A B) IDC connectors and there is 50V between them so all should be OK

Is there something I'm missing ?




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Re: PSTN lines not equipped

Hello michal_p,


Sorry to read about the issues you are having with the Versatility system.


Unfortunately this is not something that we can assist you with on the Forum, one of the forum users may be able to assist you with this.


However you can call the BT Versatility team on - 08702 408 377 who would be able to assist you with this if you have a maintenance contract.






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Re: PSTN lines not equipped

I often present in the office and many times my secretary is also out running errands. I am trying to figure out what kind of telephone system we need. In the past we have advertised both my cell phone number and office phone number. This year I plan to only advertise the business phone number. I would like to speak with incoming callers while in the field if need be once they have been greeted by my secretary. Is there any business telephone system out there that will allow you to transfer calls from a land line phone to a cell phone at somewhat of a low price?


business phone systems

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Re: PSTN lines not equipped

Sounds like the system is not seeing the PSTN line module. Try switching off the mains, disconnect the battery remove the line module and re-fit, reconnect battery and power up. Check system programming.

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