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Hi, Is it possible to have more than one price for an item?


I'm wanting to sell something that comes with an optional extra. Is it possible to have the basic price and the optional price on the same product? Or do I have to make a new product with the other price on?


I would like to have Prices From - and then have a drop down with them in. That is recognized by the basket.


Thanks for any help, if it all makes sense.



Hi marrows,


Can you please supply more details of what it is you would like to do?


Many thanks




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with the eShop you have the possibility to manage products with cross-selling, this might be a solution for what you are trying to do.


When you use the cross-selling options on a product, and a client comes onto your product page, the "optional" products appear underneath.


If this is what you would like to have, you should do the following :

* create the main product and the optional products separately

* put your optional products in the "tray"

* go to "products" > "products" and click on the main product, then open the "cross-selling" tab.

* you can then insert the optional products in the cross-selling option of your choice with the "tray".


Cross-selling has several different options. The ones which would interest you in order to have optional products would be "Accessories" and "Related products".


It is unfortunately not possible to have a drop down menu for the prices in the way you described.


kind regards,

The eShop Team