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Wireless Hub Range


My office is at the rear of my home and p.c. runs well on an extension with Voyager router. If I want to use a laptop in the house (when office computer is not in use ) do I need an additional router, ( I still have the previous Bt Speedtouch router) buy replica watches or do I need a wireless hub. The wireless hub will obviously be more convenient for the laptop but the two computers will be approx. 100 feet apart.





I presume you are referring to the original Voyager which had a single Ethernet port and no wireless. 


To be honest,  I would get rid of that router and either persuade BT to send you a replacement as you have obviously had service for 4 years of so or buy a reasonable 4 port wireless ADSL router.


4 ports will allow you to have a wired connection to your office PC and either wired or wirelss to your laptop.   Being 100 feet indoors might be a problem - slow speed or intermittent so a further suggestion woul be to run an ethernet cable to a central part of the part of te house when you tend to live rather than work and install a decicated Wireless Access point.


@spider wrote:

The Hub 2.0 and Hub 3 support the latest wireless 'N' technology, which can give up to twice the wireless range of earlier versions of the BT Home Hub. You can use the 'N' mode with your BT Home Hub 2.0 or Hub 3 if your computer supports 'N' mode.


I would challenge you to demonstrate a Wireless N link that can provide full speed at a range of 100 feet within residential building.