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Setup BT Business Total Broadband on Draytek 2830


Hi Everyone,


We have just set up a BT Business Total Broadband conenction in our office. We would like to setup our own Draytek 2830 Router (Instead of the BT Hub Router). When we run through the setup we get an Authentication Error when the PPPoA conenction dials.


Just wondering what Username and Password should we be using. When the Connection was first setup BT sent us a few emails that contained varies details. The emails included a Netork Logon Username and Password and a BT Business Account username and password. Just wondering which one we shoule be using or is there another username and password combination we should be using.


Any help would be great.



Grand Guru

Hi brianquinn24,


when setting up a non BT router, it is the network login name and password you need to use, it should look similar to


When using the router double check it is using these settings too,

1. ATM Encapsulation – PPPoA/VCMUX

2. Modulation – G.DMT

3. VPI – 0

4. VCI – 38          

5. Authentication Method - CHAP


Hope this helps




Thanks markp, will give this a try.