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Super fast infinity in Exeter


Why has BT not covered the whole of Exeter with BT Infinity, when searching for areas covered it shows Exeter as covered. But it seems not, and as a business user struggling with 2.5 - 3.5 mbs whilst domestic customers enjoy 5-8 times that speed it is not helping us to grow our business. When is this going to be sorted, our post code in EX1 2QJ


Grand Master

Same Reason its not Available in the whole of the Britain yet, its takes time, BT are going for the Financally Viable Solutions first then moving onward with possiblity of not going to certain locations for a long time, unless you want to fork out the cost to install the cable, (which you can already do with a leased line)


2.5 meg is alot quicker then some Business customers get, and is alot slower then some Residential and visa Versa, as i'm sure your aware it depends on the line Lengh and quality,


there is some other possiblitys for you though, you can go for a bonded Product, (this would mean getting another line into the site and another ADSL Order) and getting a router that can bond the two lines together and give you double the bandwidth (i've never used this or seen it working i don't know how reliable or affective it is)




I guess they will ask for an additional fee if you want to extend either the range of the connection or its speed. That's how their business actually goes.

BT Partner
BT Partner



There is a BT service partner called Sharedband that is multiple lines (up to 4 I believe) iinto a load balancing router:


I don't know how far afield they go, but it might be worth a look.