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TIP: Free 0800 calls using BT dongle SIM

Grand Master

My situation is that I don't/can't have a landline so t. calls are either done using mobile phone or VOIP services. (hence the BT broadband mobile service that I use for internet)


0800 numbers on a mobile can be quite costly when spending a lengthy time on a call (even if it's using services such as 0800buster.)


Not often have I got praise for BT - but I've found out that calls to 0800 numbers are free using a BT SIM. My helpdesk conversation:



Tracey: Hi, my name is Tracey. I am reviewing your question, please wait a moment
Tracey: Hi, how can i help you?
 Me: Morning Tracey,

I have a small business mobile broadband account which includes a wifi dongle and BT SIM.

I wish to make some 0800 number calls from my mobile phone. In most circumstances calls to 0800 from a mobile are chargeable.

I have found this:")" target=_blank>

which says:
BT Mobile says that from 1 May it is scrapping all charges for its consumer customers who dial 0800 numbers and similar 0500 numbers - set up by companies to enable customers to call them for free.......

If I take my BT SIM and insert into a phone then will calls to an 0800 number be free?

Tracey: yes that is correct.
 Me: That's good news - many thanks for the prompt answer
Tracey: your welcome,


Smiley Happy  Smiley Happy



Grand Master

Well, it looks like Tracey has "mis-informed" me and the BT article is wrong. I've just tried to make a few 0800s call using my BT SIM in an unlocked phone and it fails. I will stress that I did tell Tracey that I have a small business mobile broadband account.....


What galls me is the complete mis-information that abounds within BT that it passes onto it's customers; website terms and conditions that are wrong for the product being sold, the difficulties in dealing and communicating with  BT and being bounced from one Department to another, and the terrible features of using Access Manager (why can't I use consistently use BTAM for Openzone? - it connects, disconnects a few minutes later and tells me I can only continue if I change to using Web browser connection).


The Mobile Broadband dongle is provided for data only.  The main purpose of the Access Manager is to be able to offer the free Openzone minutes that you get which I do find quick and useful where it exists, especially at airports.

Enda Mc Larnon