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The Digital Marketing Hub – What is it and what are the benefits?


What is it? 

The Digital Marketing Hub is a quick and straightforward solution to help find new customers online. You can create and launch ads on Google, Facebook, and Instagram in just minutes. Once your ads are live, you can easily monitor and adjust these to get the best results for your business. The hub handles all the technical sides of things and suggests the best ads based on your business to get you maximum revenue and reach. 


Why choose the Digital Marketing Hub? 

The Digital Marketing Hub saves time as it removes the need to research the best strategies for your digital ads. Instead, when you set up the hub, they’ll ask you for keywords relating to your business, the goals your business wants to achieve and what your budget is for adverts and will create ads based on this.  


The hub will then post your ads in the relevant channels you want to advertise on in a way that’ll get you the maximum revenue and reach for your business. The hub learns the best strategy for your business to continually improve the performance of your ads which takes away the pressure of you trying to research and find a solution that works for you. 


This platform removes the need to seek help from agencies or freelancers to create ads for your business which is a great way to reduce costs. The hub is quick and simple to set up and works to continually improve the performance of your adverts with little input needed. 


Once your ads are live, you’ll be able to view the performance all in one dashboard which brings valuable insights such as number of impressions, views, clicks, and total spend to see how your ads are performing. The dashboard shows your current ads and lets you edit these at any time. The dashboard pulls statistics from all channels onto the one place which saves you from having to go onto each channel to collate the stats.  



Let us know what you think and if you’re looking for more information in setting this up, please send us a message!