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The Old BT ISecP move to BT PC Security from McAfee


Recently the BT ISecP (Internet Security Pack) that BT have been using to help protect your machine against treats from the Internet has been dis-banded and replaced by the new BT PC Security which is based on the McAfee security software.


In order to upgrade your product on the machine you need to login into the BT Business Broadband Office website (located at: ) using your primary E-Mail Address and Password. Once you have logged in, click on Manage BT PC Security and then the Download button.


You can use this post to express your views on this upgrade....


So far I have thought it has been a good step forward and the new McAfee software is more stable than the previous version.

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Agreed. I find it much better, and certainly a lot easier to get going in the first place (downloads etc) than the previous version of the security pack. Much easier. That was such a faff!

Recently upgraded the first of my seven licences. Now my MaAfee tells me that it ran out on 5th May and is not working!! I obviously pay by direct debit! How is this happening? When I go to the link to fix the situation I get a error 404 BT page !!!

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i had that.

its because your license isnt properly assigned.

first uninstall it

 you need to log on to your BT account and at manage services go to the bottom and select manage security

in there you unassign the license and assign it again and re download it and install it and its been fine ever since

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