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Wake on LAN


I have a BT Business Broadband link with a BT Homehub 3 ver A and a static IP address. I have an SQL database installed on a PC on this line and need to access it from my home PC. I have opened port forwarding for TCP port 1433 and the connection to the database works fine. The problem comes after the PC has gone to sleep. I have opened UDP port 9 to try and use a magic packet to wake the PC but after 20mins once the ARP table in the Homehub has dropped the MAC address I cannot wake the PC remotely.


Reading other links on the web it appears the Homehub 3 does not support Wake on LAN and when I speak to the help desk support people it soon becomes obvious I have strayed off their tick box sheet. I have a few simple questions:


1. Can anyone confirm the Homehub 3 does not support Wake on LAN. The support desk assured me it was just a simple matter of opening up port 9 on port forwarding. I don't believe them.


2. Having a Business Broadband should I have a Buisiness Hub not a home hub.


3. Does the Business hub support Wake on LAN.


4. Is it possible to get BT to enter a static ARP entry on the router so it doesn't time out.



My mistake about the router type, it is a BT Business hub not a BT Home hub. The problem is still the same though, it will not send a magic packet on UDP port 9 once the router drops the PC's MAC Address from it's ARP table. I have put an analyser on the LAN side of the router and I see the magic packet being forwarded by the router. If I then leave it about half an hour and sent another magic packet, now I see nothing.


I need the router configuring to either statically remember the MAC of my PC or the router needs to broadcast the packet once it has forgotten the MAC. How do I get BT to do this. Is anybody else sending Wake on LAN packets over the internet and if so how are you acheiving this.


I take it your PC has WOL Enabled at bios level? also does your bt hub control your DHCP? if so i beleive setting your machine with a static from the hub would allow the hub to remember you mac address and IP, this should then allow your WOL to work, failing this have you tried setting your pc not to go to sleep? surley its not worth the hastle for one machine, i have implimented a WOL on a Lan for a college to wake an entire college as it saves time for a member of staff to turn on 400 machines but for 1 machine ...... ??