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Warning about BT practice of extracting money for nothing


I have had the most terrible service from BT for some 4 years now. I have successfuly sought and won 2 misselling complains int his time because of BT sales practice. I have had issues with being charged for equipment i was not buying and i have had to suffer years of terrible broadband which is not fit for purpose.


Again this year i had sales teams trying to sell me items that will according to them solve all of my problems. Because i am that fed up with the appalling system they have leased me i stupidly listened to them for a time. They tried to sell me a system that was going to be the be all and end all and this would set me free from any issues.

We initially said we would try it but did not at any point sign anything like a contract, a few days later i contacted BT to say we were using the cool off period and did not wish to go ahead. I then get a phone call saying the equipment is on its way, I explained i had cancelled but according to a rude woman on the other end its too late we sent it.


Despite me telling no less than 5 people from BT we didnt want this system they still kept bothering us saying they wanted to talk to the other director about this to change our mind and continued with the booking process. Finally after we continued to explain we did not want the equipment or service the penny dropped. The some fool rings me and said last week that if i was going to cancel now i would pay a charge.


Hang on a minute it would not have got this far if BT had listened in the first place and cancelled before i got the equipment. So this rep tells me by email because they do not have the guts to ring that they expect their equipment back and they want to charge a £300 cancellation fee. FOR WHAT?  I am expected to pay £300 because you will not listen when told NO.


I and the other director have both replied to the email stating we will not pay a charge for BT's own messup but guess what silence. Yes thats right again they are not listening, I told them i will not release their equipment until they stop this pathetic charge which is nothing more than extortion. I signed nothing and no time were we made aware of any cooling off charge in writing or verbally. I got an email from a supply company two days ago asking me to ring them and arrange collection. I have responded with the same answer of you are getting ntohing from me unless they revisit this charge for nothing.


BT have been and still are the most disgusting service i have ever had the miss pleasure to deal with, is there no one there that doesnt try to rip customers off and tries to help them instead?.


Be warned people do not allow any sales calls or salesman to visit you because they will rip you off faster than Bolt can run.