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cant get help


i ve been trying to get in touch with bt help for ages automated service terrible . icant open my email on any computer , i have rely on my mobile which is usless if you want to print anything or view documents bt get a grip am paying for a service at least have the decency to help or let me out of this contract so i can get proper broadband even my business hub is a hit or miss if its going bto connect HELP ME  BT


Grand Master

see if you can get to your email via


and you could try here:


BT’s useful numbers
Customer Service, sales and complaints (residential customers): 0800 800 150
Customer Service and sales (business customers): 0800 800 152
Reporting faults (residential customers): 0800 800 151


Reporting faults (business customers): 0800 800 154. This line is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Power User

Hi jon, just wondering if you were able to contact someone? That's a 24/7 line.