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client account login


Hi using the the Easysite Pro to create a website. I would like to include a username and password login setion to direct clients to a secure folder with thier specific data on the website. Is this something that is possible and easily done. I would image I would need to have some kind of database set up on the website with clients allocated names and passwords on the website.


Any ideas


Many thanks



Hi Dr_Dickie,


If you have the Advanced Web Hosting package then you can password protect any folder on the site.  This would allow you to create a password protected section of your site.  You could then create a second website in ESWPro, publishing into a folder ie that you have set up password protection on.


Alternatively (with AWH) you could set up a series of password protected folders with UNs & PWs  each with their own content but this would require a lot of work.


Hope this helps.