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I have just replaced a 2600 Vigor hub/router with a 2701 BT hub/router. Internet access is working from all three pc's but I an unable to access files from one pc to another. When I put them back onto the vigor router it works fine. Is there any default setting that needs chnaged on the BT business hub to allow filesharing ?


Power User

Can you please provide further details? This could be a Windows or a BT issue. Can the PCs ping each other?


If yes, this is a windows issue and you need to make sure that all PCs must belong to a single domain and enable file sharing on each PC or maybe a host. 🙂


Pcs set up for dhcp - ip addresses allocated by router. All pcs are members of the same workgroup. All PCs are able to get Internet access through new BT router/hub. File sharing has been set up on each PC. I am off site at moment but presume if they are all allocated ip addresses from hub they should be able to ping each other (will check). The confusing issue is if I plug them back into old Draytek router/hub they are able to file share.