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website not displaying was on sunday 18/9/2011 but gone monday 19/9/11 replace by another site??


my website is not being displayed on any browser the site has been with bt for over 2 years and the site is still registered until Aug 2012 all payments are upto date, tried to contact bt but to no avail.

Does anyone know where it may have gone? the site has not been upddated recently and we presumed it would just be there but it has been replace by some type of whois search engine????

please advise. many thanks



Dont know if it's related but Bt are having server problems. See my post regarding slow loading times that I posted recently. I have got onto BT regarding this who said there possibly is an issue as they have had other customers complain, and they have not yet resoved this (I've been waiting from last week). Obviously something wrong with some of their servers. This is not the first time I've had problems and I'm really getting hacked off with BT web hosting and am looking into moving to another company. I've had to pause my PPC campaign as I was paying google for clicks that were not converting due to users sick waiting for pages to load or the site freezing up. 


Come on BT, sort it out and put us on a decent server, you are costing me a fortune in lost business.


Really annoyed BT web hosting customer.