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BT contract grossly overcharged, complaint still not resolved, what to do?


{garybs29 directed me to this forum, see original post here}

Dear All,

Per BT written email contract confirmation for BT business package:  
We agreed I pay £43.14 {VAT included} per month for [Superfast Essential + Line + Range of Static IPs]
BT invoiced me since 2020/10 +- £107.17 per month.

Thus by this point BT owes me £1472.69. {Not accounting for inflation}

Evidence was submitted, acknowledged to be correct, escalated by BT starting on 2022.08.04.

Matter still not resolved. Contract is up for renewal, I cannot renew till this is resolved.

Previous two cycles of two year BT contracts I was overcharged. In those two cases the matter was resolved quite promptly when BT billing was handled by UK based agents.

This time round it seems BT outsourced the billing problem department to India.
Wasted many hours speaking to BT in India.
What a nightmare.

What do you advise?

Thank you.


Grand Master

The moderators will get you sorted quite quickly.  Make sure to have enabled email alerts for when they reply.


Thank you.

Will wait and see.

Madness that one must come here for such a straight forward case.


Hi GreenIsNews


I'm sorry you've been overcharged and your complaint hasn't been resolved. So I can look into this, can you please send me a Private Message with some details?