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Failure to close account



I am using this forum out of pure frustration.

I have closed my account twice now, spent half of my day on the phone getting it sorted.

The first time I called to cancel my account, they told me the account would be closed in last week of Februray 2022.

Then a few months later I was going through accounts, and saw that my BT account was still active. I called them and they told they had no record of the cancellation and that I would have to pay the outstanding balance. As I had no desire to argue at the moment I paid this balance even though I had cancelled the service and had swtiched provider.

Now I get a letter through the mail from debt collecters asking me to pay the balance that I paid the second time I cancelled, and my BT account is still open!

What am I supposed to do? I don't want to spend all day the phone with them again, and I am definitely not paying anything more for a service I have not used in almost a year and was told had been closed!



Hi ajk2,


I'm sorry to hear about the issues you've been having.


Please send me a PM and I'll look into this for you. Head over to my profile and hit "Send a Message" and I'll take some of the account information.






Hi SamG,


Thankyou for replying. I have sent you a message with the details of the issue.

Power User

If you want to delete an email address you've created or one you've been given by another person:

Log into MyBT with your BT ID
If you've got broadband with BT, select Your products, then scroll down to the Email tile and select the link to Manage
Premium email customers will need to select the Premium Mail option and then the link to Manage
Next select the email address or addresses you want to delete and confirm. You may be asked to provide the password
Once you've deleted the email address, we'll send you an email confirmation. We'll also send one to the user of the email address.
For 60 days, the deleted email address can be reactivated by the BT ID account holder. After 60 days, the contents of the mailbox will be permanently deleted and can't be recovered. If you later change your mind, the email address will however still be available to re-use for up to 3 years.



Rachel Gomez