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How much can I reduce my BT Bill?


Been with BT for 10+ years. Always been paying £40+ per month as I've always had BT Sport. Always been on the higher tier with all the different add ons (e.g. £168 over 2 years for "unbreakable WiFi" which was just a 4G hotspot which I used for a total of 3 days). My current contract was £66+ a month with all the extras. Even when trying to remove those extras the best quote I got was £48 for 3 months then £66 for the rest of 21 months. As a new customer that exact same deal would be £44 a month. I've got 3 options now as I am definitely not going to pay that price especially after being a customer for over 10 years

Make someone else in my house become a new customer to get that deal

Go to another provider as they often offer cheaper prices (mainly want the discounted BT sport at £18 per month, without broadband it's £30)

Haggle more with BT threatening to cancel to try get a lower price of about £40 or less Are BT generous with haggling and what's the chance of them offering something at £40 or less. I've basically been overpaying for my contact for the last 4 years. Any tips as I'm trying to save money this could possibly save me hundreds of pounds. thanks



Hi ztraa


You mention paying for BT Sport - is this for a business or residential account?