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Frequently asked questions - Billing

How do I set up your new BT account? You can only register an account online for phone lines, broadband and if you have a OneBill (account number starting with a VP). Here’s a guide for how to register for a BT Business account.   How do I access my ...

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BethM by Administrator
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Victim of fraud

Hi - I have been a victim of fraud carried out by BT. I wondered if anyone else has been defrauded by BT? If so what action did you take?

BT Business Final Bill

BT Business are continually delaying the generation of our final Bill (which will be a credit). I was told that it would be generated within 14 days of the service ceasing. But each time I phone up I'm told that the previous agent didn't end all the ...

DawnACL by Member
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I log in on and want to unlock the pin link for the pin I have been sent, but nowhere can I find permissions or account settings or a cog wheel, where am i going wrong?thanksJohn

jsel by Member
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Quidco cashback - declined for no reason

Hi, Can anyone here advise how I get a cashback case looked at with BT? I raised a case with Quidco and they just came back with the same decline response, saying there is nothing more they can do. After waiting 16 months the cashback has been declin...

sbayly by Member
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When is someone going to deal with our complaint - it's been months!

Years ago we ordered fibre broadband. The person on the other end of the phone (despite being given the correct account number) attached the order to an account belonging to someone who had been on the premises previously. It has resulted in so many ...

Cuwie by Member
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Get to know your bills better

Do you want to know more about the charges on your bill? You can now download any bill up to 26 months’ old as free CSV data files.   What’s a CSV data file?   A CSV (comma-separated values) data file is a text file that lets you save data in a table...

Jen1 by Administrator
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Problems after switching to BT Business

Hello, everybody. Apologies if I am on the incorrect board. Form January 2022 I was contacted by “EE and BT Acquisitions (Doxford)” to move from BT Broadband to a BT Business account and was offered “Full fibre 150 & Landline with call package includ...

KevR by Member
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