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Miss-sold BT Onephone contract


We were sold an amalgamation package of our BT broadband & phone line and our EE mobiles to a new BT Onephone package, we told the Sales person from BT local Business  that we wanted exactly the same package that we currently had which included unlimited data & handset insurance for our mobiles, he assured us we would  have a like for like package & save money. One month into the new contract we were horrified to find that BT had taken almost £7K from the bank & one month on we now owe over £10k . Previously we were paying around £350per month for both BT & EE services. We have discovered we have been set up on a 100gb package   are being billed for the excess data usage with absolutely no warning. Also BT Onephone do not & have never offered mobile phone insurance & another sting in the tail is we are tied into a 5 year contract. We have spent over three weeks being bounced around BT departments with no one wanting to take ownership. 



Hi HayleyS,


I'm sorry to hear this.


Please can you send me a PM with some of your account information so that I can look into this? Click my name to visit my profile and then hit "Send a Message".