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Missold a contract


Hi Everyone,


Last year my business broadband ran out of contract, knowing my shop lease was running out in May this year I didn't want to renew or sign into a lengthy contract.


However the gentleman I was dealing with told me repeatedly if I was leaving the premises I could leave the contract fee free, so I 'signed up' for a new deal. In the phone verbal contract it mentioned 24 months but I asked again if I could leave fee free before that time was up and was assured I could obviously knowing our lease was running out I would not of signed up for a 24 month contract.


Now the time has come I have phoned up and had a very rude gentleman tell me repeatedly that I would be charged £700 if I left now despite me leaving the premises and that they have a recording of me verbally agreeing to the contract.


The man then let slip they hadn't listened to the WHOLE call, when I asked for him to do so where it would make it clear I asked repeatedly about being able to leave fee free due to the lease expiring he said no. He said he couldn't supply me with the recording nor could he supply me with a copy of the supposed contract that I am tied into.

I escalated my complaint to the miss selling team but its been 6 days with no response, I rang yesterday and got a very nice gentleman who assured me I would have a call back in 24 hours but I have not. 


Has anyone experienced this? Where do I stand? I KNOW with 100% certainty that if the whole phone call from last year was listened to it would be very clear that I was told I could leave fee free but how can I get them to do that, why won't they let me listen to the call if they have nothing to hide?


I was left feeling gas lit, like I was insane, told repeatedly I had agreed to this 24 month contract when I know I specifically mentioned our lease ending time and time again, I'm no fool - I would never sign up for 24 months when I knew the lease was up in 10! 



Hi paris1,


I'm sorry to hear about your experience. If you're happy to send me some of your account information via private message, I can start looking into this for you.